How To Market but NOT Spam Your Work

Spamming your work just isn’t the way to go. One thing that you want to achieve in promoting your music is having self-confidence. By being calm and in control, you are going to by default appear professional and have more as yourself. Even if your music is decent, by having a calm tone, you’re going to attract fans, and people are going to pay more attention to your work.

Here are a few tactics to promote your work, without being desperate or too needy.

The 70-20-10 rule

The 70-20-10 rule is a very common strategy and it’s used by brands of all types, not just artists.
It teaches that seventy percent of  content should be content that build your brand, twenty percent will be related to networking and sharing other content, and ten percent of that should be sales based posts.

By sticking with this rough rule, you can make sure  that you have a good mix of posts. If you’re just pushing on sales all day – buy my CD, buy tickets, buy my latest track, etc – you’re going to seem too salesy and scare folks off!

The power is in how you deliver it.

By all means, get fans to check out your next show, ask them to buy your EP, that’s marketing! But it’s how you portray that message. Make sure it’s written well, and planned — rather than pleading or even begging. Make a formal announcement regarding your latest track, as opposed to  spamming them with a link.

Here’s a quick strategy: Tell fans about a new track in a basic way possible. Afterwards, release a clip of you listening to your track and say how you’re thrilled to finally push it – and finally, add a URL in there. Next, try creating a “Now Available” image or record a simple video clip that thanks your fans and followers for their support. Finally, then start share people’s feedback on the track.

Boost your posts

Save up a few bucks and boost a post. This can serve as a powerful (and not needy looking) route than tweeting the same tweet time and time again, hoping people will interact with it. With a promoted post, it will appear not only in your fans timelines,  but you’re also able to tweak to ensure it appears in the timelines of other folks who aren’t affiliated to your pages.

These are just a few quick ways to make sure you’re marketing, rather than spamming your work. We cover music marketing in much more detail on our SMP and EMP music production diplomas.

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    January 22, 2018 3:15 pm

    Thank you for quite interesting article. By reading it, i am getting impression that I can pull it off. So, why not just do it? You are great.

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