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Logic Pro X – Naming Tracks & Coloring Them

Hey Guys! This is Eddie Grey with Garnish Music Production. I believe in the 80/20 rule. In the context of Music Production, I think you should spend 80% of your time working on Music and developing creative ideas. The other 20% should be spent on organization. Let’s zero in on the 20% for this entry.

We can all agree that MUSIC and how it sounds & makes us feel is the most important thing that we do as Producers/Composers/Beatmakers, etc. Now, when you think of the phrase “Music Production”, you can’t really help but think about the second word “PRODUCTION”, which is derived from the latin word “producere” (which means to bring forth). With regards to “Music Production”, we are really referring to the overall sound of a musical recording but we are also referring to how it is actually created and formulated.

In order to create/formulate, we are going to have to stay organized and keep our sessions neat. For me, I have personally had to revisit session files over and over again because a client or network wanted changes. Because I write hundreds of songs a year, it becomes critical that I keep my sessions on the up and up. Clarity is and remains to be KING”.

Here are some things you can do to stay organized and experience clarity in your sessions.

Rename Tracks & Regions

  • Create custom names for your tracks by double clicking track header or pressing SHIFT+RETURN
  • After renaming hit Tab to move you to the next track
  • Entering the key combination SHIFT+TAB will move you back to the last track
  • Customize regions in your project to show chords, ideas, etc. • Rename the region itself with the Text tool
  • Rename regions using the Region Inspector
  • Color code your tracks to create a system of organization
  • Makes it easier to work as you will not have to look at Track Headers and second guess yourself
  • Looks professional

Hope you enjoyed this installment. Take good care!

Eddie Grey is one of two T3 Apple Logic certified music production trainers, that feature on our Logic Production CourseLogic Producer Program, and Songwriting & Production Academy in our Music Production School in Los Angeles.

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