Logic Pro X

L1_Introduction & Exploring the Main Window
L2_More about the Main Window
L3_Playback and Navigation
L4_Projects- The Basics
L5_Working with Tracks
L6_Working with Regions
L7_Making Beats- Recording Software Instruments
L8_Making Beats using Step Sequencer
L9_Making Beats using Live Loops
L10_ Making Beats using Drummer
L11_Making Beats using Apple Loops
L12_Arrangement, Global Tracks and Sharing or Bouncing your Music
L13_Synthesis: Introduction
L14_Synthesis: Logic Synths
L15_Synthesis: Logic Synths pt II
L18_Audio FX 1
L19_Sampling: History & Copyright Laws
L20_Sampling in Logic Pro X
L21_Sampling: Quick Sampler
L22_Sampling: Sampler
L23_Flex Time
L24_Audio FX 2
L25_Recording Audio
L27_Recording: Smart Tempo & Track Alternatives
L28_Flex Pitch, Quantizing Audio & Varispeed
L29_Editing Audio & Managing Projects
L30_Audio FX 3
L31_Audio FX 4
L32_Side Chain and Ducking
L33_Working with Video
L34_Folders and Track Stacks
L36_Logic Remote
L_Key Commands