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Native Instruments User Group Meeting in New York

Native Instruments User Group Meeting in New York

The first Native Instruments user group at Garnish Music Production School in Downtown Brooklyn was a well rounded mix of product information, live performance and music business discussion.

The setup combined the Jam with the MK3 and the MK2 keyboard. Each controller has its own strongpoints, and could be the instrument of choice depending on a producers preference.

The MK3 with its super sensitive pads is great for people with real time finger drumming skills, while the keyboard remains the instrument of choice for more conventional, and well-tested MIDI recording. Step sequencing however is the ideal way for people that either lack those real time playing skills, or are electronic music purists, that consider it the most appropriate and original tool to generate musical ideas with synthesizers and sampled instruments.

Shareef Islam opened up by giving us a detailed introduction to the MK3 controller and then went on to demonstrate the latest time stretching features of the 2.7 update.

Maschine Jam continues to impress for its step sequencing functionality as well as the touch strips for hands-on mixing and parameter controls. The Notes feature allows for a totally new way to play and record instruments with the help of touch strips.

Maschine’s Performance effects also work particularly well with the Jam’s multiple touch strips for dj-style on the fly improvisation.

Then Eric Brody (aka Sol Aire) gave us an impressive live performance, mixing two instances of Maschine, using a MK3, a MK2, and a DJ mixer!

His presentation was both technically innovative, and musically riveting, as he was mixing his own composition with other artist’s tracks, seamlessly blending, and hands-on live performance.

Finally to conclude the meeting, Doug Simpson and Kareem Knight gave us a detailed overview of the current state of the business of getting music placed for sync licenses for film, TV, advertising and games.

They gave us some very detailed insight in their own marketing strategies, and how to best go about making money in this very competitive market. The extended Q&A was very educational, informative, and showed how great the interest is nowadays among producers to find alternative ways to make money with their music besides the conventional music business channels.

Words: Heinrich Zwahlen

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