Thanks to Matt's expertise and knowledge of cinematography, he was able to bring my vision to life. Matt's work and amazing attention to detail has given me a fantastic catalog of photos and videos I am proud to showcase to my clients

- Audrey Morguess Realtor (PLG Estates)

He nails it every time. No one would believe that he shot my first video with an old iPhone 5. The Video quality look as if we had a major budget

- Mike (Trife) Goode

Matthew’s an emerging young videographer with not only a great eye but also an in depth understanding with what he does pre to post, from behind the lens to editing behind a computer, he brings the material you want and dream projects come true

- Tyler Hall (Smoke and Mirrors Productions)

Matt is a highly knowledgeable and talented video production professional. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about all technical aspects of video production, he is an excellent teacher of the craft. Matthew is always sharing his broad knowledge of camera systems, formats, lenses, lighting and even audio when he works on my sets

- Andrew Oleck (Bayview Drive Films)

I have worked with Matthew Stanley for roughly 5 years, and in that time he has always demonstrated a leadership position within the camera department. He is highly skilled in the technical aspects of filmmaking, whether it be the camera, cinema lenses, matte boxes, digital file formats or the editing software we are using for post-production. I can always count on Matthew to deliver the highest quality on set and off

- Joshua Bartos (i95 Creative)

The course was really great. The teachers were really helpful and knowledgable. Getting to practice within the class definitely helps, and the constructive feedback is so valuable. I really enjoyed this course and look forward to possibly taking a production course.

- Cory Gomez

Joe is a great instructor who has a lot of industry experiences. He also is very patient and really cares for his students. I learnt a lot from him in only a couple sessions.

- Tian Qiu

I had a small size class so I get a lot of hands-on experience. Also, my instructor is very experienced and knowledgable and he was able to teach us a lot of tips for getting into the industry.

- Tian Qiu

The course does a good job of expressing the importance of all aspects of music. Art of flow, synthesis, business, and marketing/branding are all building blocks of the aspiring musician pyramid. Armed with knowledge from each category (and of course good work ethic), anyone can navigate the long, crazy road to becoming a successful and happy musician.

- Daniel Ferenbach

Class sizes were perfect, so there was a great balance of one on one instruction and instruction on broad topics.

- Adam Booker

Good structure and reinforcement, instructor open to answering all questions and being as helpful as possible covering a wide variety of topics.

- Suzy Lamb

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for such an awesome experience. The classes Garnish offered and the final experience at Exchange LA was the push I needed to accelerate my new career and gave me confidence as a DJ.

- Matthew Naramore

I learned so much about music theory and songwriting in this course. Matt was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout. I have a better understanding of contemporary music because of it.

- Carmela Llamoso