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FL Studio Course | Live Online (33% off)

As the only recognized FL Studio Trainer music production school in New York, our FL Studio course provides in-depth training for beat-making and producing music in this soaring DAW, with many notable users, particularly in the electronic music world. But it doesn’t matter what genre of music you wish to work with is, if you want to use FL for your music, this course will cover the music production, beat making, and engineering skills you need to set you on your way to producing finished tracks. Even if you are a more experienced FL user, you will benefit from this course, as all of the elements will be covered in detail, peppered with loads of practical real-world tips – giving you the edge over anyone learning any other way.

Total class time is 36 hours where you can ask a question and bounce off of your instructor and fellow learners exactly when you’re feeling inspired, or …confused! This is why some say that there is no substitute for music production courses in person. On successful completion of the course, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate.


  • Introduction to FL Studio
  • Setting Up FL Studio
  • Options & Settings
  • Main Menu, Panels & Tool Bars
    • Main Menu Bar
      • File Menu
      • Edit Menu
      • Add Menu
      • Patterns Menu
      • View Menu
      • Options Menu
      • Tools Menu
      • Help Menu
    • Toolbar
      • Editing the Toolbar
      • Main Menu
      • Title & Hint Panel
      • Transport Panel
      • CPU & Memory Panel
      • Global Snap Panel
      • Output Panel
      • Online Panel
      • Pattern Panel
      • Shortcut Icons
      • Time Panel
      • Multilink Controllers Icon
      • Main Volume & Pitch Panel
      • Window Controls
    • File Browser
      • Plugin Database
      • Project Browser
      • Advanced folder stuff
    • Channel Rack & Step Sequencer
      • Channel Button Menu
    • Channel Settings
      • Main Control
      • Sampler Setting
      • Instrument Setting
      • Miscellaneous Setting
      • Automation Clip Setting
      • Layer Setting
      • Plugin Window Setting
    • Piano Roll
      • Piano Roll Arpeggiator
      • Piano Roll Articulator
      • Piano Roll Chopper
      • Piano Roll Claw Machine
      • Piano Roll Flam Tool
      • Piano Roll Flip Tool
      • Piano Roll LFO Tool
      • Piano Roll Key Limiter Tool
      • Piano Roll Menu
      • Import MIDI Data Dialog
      • Piano Roll Quantizer
      • Piano Roll Randomizer
      • Riff Machine
      • Piano Roll Scale Level Tool
      • Piano Roll Strum Tool
    • Playlist
      • Patterns
      • Audio Clips
      • Automation Clips
      • Performance Mode
    • Instrument / Generator Plugins
      • We explore all the instruments FL studio has to offer, which are too many to list here!
    • Mixer & Mixing
      • We dive deep into the vast mixing tools that come with FL Studio, which are too many to list here!
    • Installing & Using VST / AU Plugins
    • Recording: Audio, Notes & Automation
      • Audio Recording
      • Audio Interfaces (USB Microphones)
      • Note Recording
      • Note Step Entry
      • Automation Recording
      • Linking USB/MIDI Controllers
      • MIDI Scripting
      • Preconfigured Controllers (USB/MIDI)
      • Linking Internal Controller Plugins
      • Mapping Formula
      • Automation Clips
      • Automation Event Editor
      • LFO Tool
      • Scale Levels Tool
      • Import MIDI Data Tool
    • Edison Wave Editor & Recorder
      • Edison: Sample Properties
      • Edison: Amp Tool
      • Edison: Blur Tool
      • Edison: Convolution / Reverb Tool
      • Edison: Claw Machine Tool
      • Edison: Drum Tool
      • Edison: Equalize Tool
      • Edison: Noise Removal Tool
      • Edison: Script Tool
      • Edison: Time Stretch / Pitch Shift Tool
      • Edison: Tune Loop Tool
    • ReWire Support
      • Client Mode
      • Host Mode
    • FL Studio as a Plugin (VST / AU)
      • FL Studio as a Plugin (VST or AU)



36 Hours | In-Person: $1199 | Live Online (33% Off)

The short form that follows will help us match your schedule preferences to a class. Fill it out, and someone on our admissions team will get right back to you.

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    Sharing and learning from a legendary Producer/Engineer is priceless and incredible.

    Pablo Toscano

    The course is very friendly and engaging. Any and all questions will be asked with no hesitation or frustration, and it helps everyone else in the class that might have the same question in mind.

    Ryan Conway

    Affordable classes with a lot of knowledgeable teachers that are down to earth and easy going... amazing teachers.

    Anthony C

    The instructor was great. He was extremely good at explaining things and always gave us enough time to put what we were learning into practice. Most importantly, he is passionate about music and actually enjoys teaching which really makes the whole experience very enjoyable.

    Reggie Chelsom

    It’s a great school and have great teachers. Some schools care only about fancy gear in the classroom and forget about the essential: the teachers!

    João Gama

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