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Songwriting Guide For Beginners

It is absolutely okay if you’re not Johnny Cash or David Bowie, you can still write a song for that guitar tune in your head or vice versa. Songwriting is a skill indeed, however, with enough practice and right use of your imagination you can master this skill and begin writing masterpieces in no time.  Now the techniques may help you regardless of the genre you’re writing in, what you write about and the feels you put in your song largely depends on you.

Remember this; there are different approaches to writing a song. There are no hard and fast rules to writing ethereal lyrics. A good song in many cases is your feelings. There are two main ways of doing this:

  1. Writing lyrics to match the music you have already composed
  2. Writing lyrics and then composing the beat

Each method, of course, has pros and cons for example; the first approach involves writing the lyrics according to the musical compositions. In this case, you’ll have to pay close attention to the rhythm or the melody. Unless and until you feel connected to it you won’t be able to put in the feelings you get from that connection. Once you get a good feel for the song the ideas and inspiration will start sailing into your mind. The more feelings you inculcate in the lyrics the better the song will be. If you don’t feel connected to the melody once, try listening to it again and then again. Remember, you must not push it. It must come to you naturally. And the melody will only stimulate your thinking process.

The second method is the one most of the artists around the globe go with. They write the lyrics matching the tune in their heads and then produce the musical composition. You can write the lyrics and then sing them playing the guitar to see how good it is. However, this method too demands the relaxation of mind so the ideas can start pouring in. You can listen to the music by other artists for help, read the lyrics and poetry but you cannot push the lyric writing. It must always come naturally.

You may try both of these strategies to beget the results and compare them. You can go with any of the above-mentioned techniques. You’re never bound to any one of them.

Essentials to songwriting

What you want to write about-The foremost job is often considered coming up with the subject, what you’re aiming for. You must ponder what you’re writing about or who you’re writing about/for. It could be a dreadful past event or someone you like or liked. It is easier to put in your real feelings regarding things than to make them up.

Beginning with the Hook-In many cases, artists come up with the hook or chorus and from there on the journey to the composition for the rest of the song begins while you strum the guitar. Truth be told, you only need to listen to your heart because that’s where the songs come from. You may write more than one, but you must always pick the one that touches your heart the most. A lot of people believe that the hook needs to rhyme, it is unnecessary. While it is unnecessary, it must be heart-touching.

Creating Verses– It is like telling a story. You must grab the audience’s interest. It must make them want to keep on listening to your composition till the very end. While you’re writing make sure you stick to the selected theme. The 2nd verse must be connected to the 1st verse. Do not divert from the theme.

Breakdown– You may include a breakdown, the mellow part of the song that is different from the rest. You may want to include a verse here or just let the melody be. That is entirely up to you.

The end– Your song must end with a powerful note or if it’s lyrical, something strong that stays in the hearts of the people for long enough to make them want to listen to it.

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  • Kimberly Harvey
    December 11, 2020 6:41 pm

    Thanks for sharing educational tips especially for new beginners! I’m a natural songwriter and wasn’t groomed however aiming to enhance my skills wholeheartedly!!!

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